Did you know that science has shown that sleeping naked is fundamentally good for your health?

Although sleeping naked is often associated to an active sex life, this is a common misconception. Sleep, just like diet and exercise, is essential for putting an emphasis on our physical well-being. Getting enough sleep has an untold number of health benefit and not getting enough sleep can cause serious problems for our health and well-being. But sleeping naked can even give us additional benefits that you may not have thought of before.

According to an international study by the National Sleep Foundation, one in three adults sleep naked, though only 8% of US citizens go nude while venturing into dream land. We rounded up our TOP 10 reasons why you should leave your pajamas in the drawers and enjoy the benefits of sleeping naked.


#1 Get Better Quality Sleep
For you to fall asleep, your body’s core temperature needs to drop by about half a degree and in order to stay asleep this ideal temperature needs to be regulated otherwise your brain will wake itself up to see why you are so hot. If you sleep naked, it is a lot easier and quicker for your body to cool down and maintain that lower temperature your brain is looking for. If you get disrupted by being too hot, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you get less overall sleep, but it does mean that your sleep is less deep and restorative, which is key for cell repair and memory consolidation. So take off your clothes and let this flawless system work its magic.

#2 Burn More Calories
Sleeping au naturel has a slew of health benefits and you may be happy to hear that it can help you to lose weight. Because you are better able to stay cool when sleeping without clothing, you speed up your body’s metabolism. This is due to the fact that the body activates more brown fat to produce heat by burning calories and this will boost your metabolism all day long and helps you to lose weight.

#3 Improved Blood Circulation
Without the restriction of clothing, your blood can flow a lot more freely, which benefits your entire body, but especially your heart and muscles. In a way, sleeping naked can be considered a process of recovering a healthy blood flow and an improved cardiovascular system.

#4 Boost Your Love Life
Skin-to-skin contact – just like an orgasm – releases the bonding hormone oxytocin, which promotes the feeling of emotional closeness and attachment. Since we are typically naked when we have sex, sleeping naked increases the chances of sex, which brings couples closer and makes them feel more connected.


#5 Feel Happier and More Free
Just imagine being free of clothing and your underwear, especially if you are a woman, you are free of that constrictive bra. It’s just you between your sheets. Doesn’t this make you want to smile? It’s an incredibly freeing feeling and we can all use this kind of feel-good sensation every now and then. Research shows that sleeping naked can help you be happier and more content, so take off your clothes, free yourself and enjoy.

#6 It Helps Your Skin
Our skin is the largest organ of our body and it’s covered up all day, every day. Take off your clothes and let your skin breathe! Bacteria thrive in warm, moist areas, so ditch your clothing. Sleeping naked is especially beneficial for your private parts and arm pits. Give your skin the chance to air our and you will lower the risk of skin diseases and infections.

#7 It Regulates Your Cortisol
The stress hormone cortisol can do a lot of damage in your body. Sleeping naked helps you to keep your body core temperature at optimal range, which helps regulate cortisol levels and reduce stress. However, if you wear clothes you can easily overheat and your cortisol levels stay up, which can lead to higher levels of stress and anxiety, which in turn leads to making poor food choices and weight gain. So keep your body core temperature down by sleeping in the nude so your body can better regulate your cortisol levels.

#8 It Balances your Melatonin and Growth Hormone
If you sleep in your birthday suit and additionally keep your sleeping environment at the optimal temperature of below 70 degrees Fahrenheit, your body gets a chance to regulate its growth hormone and melatonin levels. The benefits of these chemicals is that they help the body to do things that are good for your health and slow down the aging process. If you sleep with clothes, your body tends to heat up and prevents the effectiveness of these hormones. So sleep in the buff and stay young longer.

#9 It Builds Confidence and Self-Esteem
If you are dealing with body image issues, sleeping naked may be the answer to learn to accept your body and love yourself just the way you are. Creating a healthy self-esteem and building confidence is key for success in life as it pushes you to take on new challenges, try new things and persevere when adversity hits. Sleeping naked simply makes you more comfortable in your own skin and this increased comfort with your body will increase self-esteem and confidence that will spill over into every area of your life.

#10 It Improves Sperm Quality
If you are a man, sleeping commando has a hugely beneficial effect on the quality of your sperm. The testicles are designed to keep sperm at a temperature that is slightly below body core temperature. If you wear underwear that bring the testicles closer to the body, you create more heat and with that reduce the quality of your sperm, which can reduce a man’s fertility.

Jump on the bandwagon and sleep au naturel, in the buff, in your birthday suit, disrobed, unclothed, stripped or whatever else you want to call it and get these major benefits from sleeping naked. A good trick to enjoy sleeping naked is to take a shower right before going to bed. This way you will turn on your body’s temperature regulation system and will fall asleep easier. No excuses, just try it and see how it will change your life.

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