Everyone has goals and dreams, unfortunately, only very few people actually make them a reality because most of us let our limits hold us back.

Limits can take on various forms, whether they are physical limitations, fear, doubt or a negative past and when we meet our personal limits, we feel resistance and it makes everything so much harder to accomplish and more often than not, we think about giving up. But keep in mind, giving up will always prevent us from actually achieving success and excelling in life.

When you reach a point in your life where you feel like you can’t continue to grow, it’s time to rethink and figure out strategies on how you will be able to push beyond your own limitations. Keep in mind, we all have the ability to achieve anything we set our mind to, but more often than not, we tell ourselves a story of self-imposed limitations and don’t realize that those limits we perceive are simply skills we haven’t developed, yet.

In order to achieve your biggest goals and dreams, it’s important to learn how to overcome your limits and push past them, so you can live the life of your dreams.

Here are our TOP 10 tips on how to push beyond your limits and make any dream a reality.


#1 Take On a Little More Than You Think You Can
Pushing yourself past your limits means that you take on new, progressively harder challenges. By challenging yourself to do bigger and better things than what you do on a regular basis, you can move beyond the confines of what you already do and it’s a surefire way to make progress and work your way towards the next level. While it is important to take on more than you think you can, don’t go overboard and take on too much at once. To achieve success, start with baby steps and move on to tougher challenges over time, so you won’t be tempted to give up when obstacles come up.

#2 Work On Your Weaknesses
Whether we like it or not, we all have weaknesses and with weaknesses come limitations. But don’t let weaknesses hold you back from your goals and dreams, learn how to overcome them. Just think about a marathon runner. You don’t just wake up one morning, put on your running shoes and run 26.2 miles without ever having trained for it. You have to go out every single day and work on your stride, do drills, watch your nutrition and learn everything there is to know about successfully running a marathon. It’s the same with everything else, gather all the information about how to improve on your weakness, learn how to correct it and with that eliminate the weakness that has been holding you back from taking yourself further.

#3 Find Someone to Assist You
Sometimes all we need to overcome our limitations and keep moving forward is a little encouragement. Surround yourself with trusted, positive people who will support you when the going gets tough and who can counter-balance your own negative thinking and self-talk when all you can see is your limitations. Your support group will help you to shift your focus from your weaknesses to your strengths. This way you can achieve more and push yourself beyond your limits to achieve your greatness.

#4 Adjust Your Mindset
Our mind can be our biggest assets or our biggest obstacle, the choice is yours. If you set out to push past your limits, look at all the possibilities and opportunities you will create, rather than focusing on what could go wrong or where you could fail. Adopting a positive mindset is detrimental to your success and will help you to move forward when a roadblock or challenge comes up. Overcome the desire to give up and build up a resilience to overcome everything that life throws at you. If you can train your mind to become more optimistic, you will become strong enough to overcome your limits.


#5 Experience the Unknown
A lot of us are afraid of the unknown and we are threatened by everything that is past our comfort zone. We don’t know whether we will succeed or fail, which holds us back from moving forward. Make a conscious decision to experience the unknown as much as you can. Start small and experiment with different foods from different cultures, take up a new hobby, start connecting to new people and enjoy the challenge of visiting a foreign country where you don’t speak the language. The more you push yourself to embrace the unknown, the more you will train yourself to become comfortable with new experiences and can push beyond the limits you have imposed on yourself.

#6 Visualize Yourself at the Next Level
When you are on your way to push past your limits it is important to stay focused on what you want to achieve and visualize yourself already at the next level. Every single day imagine where you will be in the future when you have pushed beyond your limitations. Picture every single detail in vivid colors and incorporate how you will feel. One of the most important things is to make the visualization in the present tense. Pretend you have already achieved your heart’s desire and use that mental image of success to move past your limits.

#7 Take Inspiration from Others
Take a look at others who were or are in a similar situation as yours and figure out how they were able to moved past their limitation and managed to achieve success. Whatever your goals and dreams may be, there are others who have been there before. Gather all the information you can find and use them as inspiration that it is possible to achieve anything you set your mind to and take that inspiration to motivate yourself to push beyond your own limits.

#8 Accept Discomfort
Pushing past your limits is an exercise that can trigger discomfort and we all tend to avoid discomfort because we don’t want to feel vulnerable or fail. However, if we let discomfort stop us from moving beyond our limits, we are denying ourselves the chance to succeed. Our brain is hard-wired for safety, but when you can accept – and even expect – discomfort when you stretch yourself and take risks, the fear of those uncomfortable feelings gets smaller and smaller until it disappears.

#9 Learn from Losses
Whenever you are pushing yourself beyond your limits and make an effort to overcome them, it is very likely that you will experience challenges and failure along the way. Don’t let those missteps hold you back and see them as amazing stepping stones to achieve your goals. Setbacks are incredible lessons that help us to learn and grow, so analyze what went wrong. What could you have done differently? What did you learn? What lessons can you learn from your loss that will make you a better person, who doesn’t make the same mistake twice.

#10 Build Confidence
If you have a great big goal, it can be scary and uncertain and it’s likely that you will pretty quickly start to doubt ever actually achieving it. However, if you break down this big goal into smaller, actionable steps that you can actually achieve, you can build the confidence you need to push past your limits and achieve anything you set your mind to. Celebrate your smaller accomplishments, reward yourself and recognize all the hard work you are doing to overcome the limitations you previously put on yourself. It is critical to celebrate your wins, because once you get to the finish line, you will have new aspirations and goals that push you even further.

If you can learn how to push past your limits, you can become anything and everything you ever wanted. You can gain control over your life, achieve your biggest, wildest dreams, your life experience will be a lot fuller and you will have no regrets at the end. Yes, it may seem a bit scary, tough and possibly even dangerous, but that next level is within your reach, so push past your limits and live the life of your dreams.

Joschi & Monika

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