We all know change is an inside job, but a lot of times it feels like our mind controls us instead of the other way around.

If we want to live a happy, healthy and successful life, it is important to get our mental roadblocks out of the way. While it sometimes seems as though overcoming these mental barriers is impossible, the good news is that it doesn’t take some giant effort to get positive results.

Sometimes it’s the small, subtle changes in our mindset and the way we think that can skyrocket our chances of success. Opportunities will open up, great ideas start to flow and life just gets so much better in general.

Here are our TOP 10 mindset shifts that have the power to dramatically transform your life.


#1 Love the Process
Every incredibly successful athlete, entrepreneur or any other high achiever who has achieved greatness in their life has truly loved the process and wasn’t just focused on the desired end result. We always hear the advice that you should savor the process and not the destination and if you follow this advice, the destination will come automatically. The best of the best do follow this advice and always simply love the journey and process no matter what kind of challenges and sleepless nights may come up, because they know this is the real value. Of course the goal gets you excited and inspires and motivates you, but the perseverance, courage, strength, skill set and growth that come with the process is what will give you the competitive edge in life.

#2 Grow through Challenges
One of the most important shifts in your mindset is to grow through challenges and tough times instead of just surviving them. If you see challenges as an opportunity to grow, your life will instantly open you up to new possibilities that make you stronger and better. Now we admit that this is not as easy as it sounds and takes a lot of intention and effort, but the end result will end up changing your life dramatically.

#3 Treat Learning as an Occupation
Improving yourself and learning something new every single day increases your chances of success. Treat acquiring new information and skills like it is your most important job. Information is more accessible than ever before and if you are dedicated to learn everything there is to know about the subject that you are passionate about it will lead to accomplishing everything your heart desires. Switch your mindset from having to work your way to the top to learning your way to the top and the world will be yours.

#4 Connect with the Bigger Picture
Life is all about connecting the dots, but this is hard to accomplish if you don’t know what the bigger picture is of who you are and what you want out of life. So take the time to really dig deep and figure out what it is that you want out of life and with that you can illuminate the path you want to take and can master your learning and growing in the right direction. Figuring out the bigger picture will take your life to a whole new level and brings achieving success a lot closer.


#5 Forget All or Nothing
An all or nothing mindset is what can wreck havoc to achieving your goals because it is closely related to perfectionism. However, every little step, no matter how small it is, will have a positive impact on your life and the benefits add up over time. Letting go of the all or nothing mindset can help you to keep moving forward and making progress towards reaching your ultimate goal. Set yourself up for success and start with baby steps and be consistent. Incorporating small, consistent habits will train you to become the person who ultimately follows through and will be able to achieve anything you set your mind to.

#6 Let Go of ‘I’m Too Busy’
We are all aware that stress is bad for us and still, we make ‘I’m super busy’ a badge of honor and it almost feels like we as a society are addicted to stress. We tend to use the I’m busy excuse for everything and it makes us feel important, valuable and useful. But stress has a hugely negative impact on our health, productivity and energy level. And have you ever noticed that when you’re stressed out, everything seems extremely hard, but when you’re feeling in control, enjoy what you’re doing and simply feel good, work just flows effortlessly? Overcome the ‘I’m busy’ mindset and stop believing that being busy is the answer to everything. If you can let go of it, happiness, health and success will start flooding in.

#7 Swap Negative Self-Talk with a Positive Mindset
Become aware of how you talk to yourself. Nobody wins by saying things like ‘I’m not good at writing’ or ‘I’m not good with numbers’ or even worse, simply stating ‘I’m not good enough’. This negative self-talk and negative beliefs are the stories that keep holding you back in life. Let go of the negative self-talk and as soon as you become aware of it, replace the negative with the exact opposite, positive statement. Use some positive affirmations that can help you implement a positive mindset. Write them down on stick-it notes and place them all over your apartment so you are constantly reminded to stay positive.

#8 Don’t Wait for Happiness
We’ve been conditioned that happiness is based on certain external conditions. ‘I’ll be happy when I get the promotion’, ‘I’ll be happy when I find the perfect partner’, I’ll be happy when I buy the house’… But it’s actually the other way around. If you can find happiness today, develop a positive mindset and love what you do, you’ll be more successful, much healthier and more productive. Research has shown that happiness is a huge indicator for success, so rather than chasing happiness in outside things, find happiness within and the external conditions will automatically improve.

#9 Turn Envy into Curiosity
We all have to deal with jealousy and envy at some point or another in our lives. However, we can use envy to our advantage if we harness its power in a positive way. If you can manage to shift your energy from envy to curiosity you will be inspired to take action rather than feeling sorry for yourself. Take the time to learn how other people do things, it can change your life dramatically.

#10 Don’t Chase Success, Let it Chase You
Don’t chase success. Instead, focus on becoming the best version of yourself and success will naturally follow. For example focus on writing an amazing blog instead of being worried about how many people will read it. Focus on learning as much as possible to grow and stretch yourself instead of seeking out worthless titles. Focus on creating an amazing product rather than worry about if anyone will by it. When you focus on doing fantastic work, people will find out. Look within and make it your mission to every day improve yourself, even just a tiny bit and then results will follow.

Transforming ourselves means that we need to develop our minds, because the quality of our life ultimately boils down to the quality of our mindset. This doesn’t always happen without occasional discomfort and disorientation, but if we can learn to embrace the process and shift our mindset, we will give ourselves the competitive edge in life. Ultimately it’s our mindset that separates us from everyone else and will make us successful and happy.

Joschi & Monika

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