Do you ever see or hear about highly successful people and wonder how they are capable of achieving such extraordinary things? What makes them different from the rest of us?

While success means different things to different people, a multitude of studies show that exceptionally successful people all have certain recurring characteristics and habits in common and all you need to do to grow, develop, flourish and be successful is to incorporate those habits into your daily life. When you repeat them enough times, you will be able to create a balanced and healthy lifestyle that will steer you onto the path of great success.

Do you want to figure out the daily habits of highly successful individuals and accomplish incredible feats yourself? Here are our TOP 10 daily habits of success.


#1 Plan Your Day the Night Before
Every night, sit down with a piece of paper and plan and write down everything you need to do the next day. Every minute you spend planning saves you ten minutes in execution and if you start to work from a thought through plan, you increase your productivity by 25%. Writing down your plans forces you to think on a higher level and clarifies your goals. If for some reason you don’t plan your day the night before, do it the first thing in the morning.

#2 Create a Morning Routine
To help you get the best possible start to every single day, create a morning routine and stick to it, even over the weekend. It is important to get your mind and body charged in the morning to be able to seize the day. Get up early, start your day with lemon water, meditate for 10 to 20 minutes, exercise, even if it’s just walking, to get the blood flowing and clear your head and eat a healthy breakfast to fuel your day. If you have a family, get up before they do, to get some time to yourself.

#3 Set Your Priorities Straight
Use the 80/20 rule. If you have ten things on your to-do list, two of those things will be more important than all the other things combined. Have a good, hard look at your to-do list and ask yourself: ‘If I had to leave town for a month, what are the most important tasks I need to accomplish before I go?’ You have to get your priorities straight and don’t waste your time and energy on things that aren’t on top of your to do list. Know your priorities, know your goals and let go of things that simply drain your focus and energy.

#4 Tackle the Most Important Projects First
Since you know what your priorities are, to be most productive learn to tackle the most important projects first thing in the morning. This is essential to be more productive and ultimately become highly successful. Set yourself up with the proper morning routine and get fired up to get things done and start with the hardest, most important project first to have all the energy, focus and brain power available to complete the task.

#5 Step Outside Your Comfort Zone
High achievers thrive on stretching themselves beyond what they think they can handle. It is an important character trait of successful people to constantly push their boundaries and they never settle for anything. This means that you have to leave your comfort zone and look for new opportunities to constantly challenge and improve yourself. Take the leap of faith and jump on things that scare you so you get the possibility to learn and grow.


#6 Refuse to Take No for an Answer
When challenges and road blocks come up, it’s easy to consider this the end of the road and simply give up. Highly successful people are among the most stubborn people and have the ability to persevere long enough to reach the top of the mountain. Don’t take no for an answer and push forward no matter what obstacles come your way and never give up on your dream.

#7 Never Stop Learning
One of the greatest abilities of human beings is our capacity to learn. Unfortunately, most people stop learning actively once their formal education is over and allow themselves to stay stagnant in their lives. Don’t be one of them. High achievers continuously dedicate time to learn and grow, whether that’s on a personal or professional level. Keep your mind active and keep learning.

#8 Make Affirmations
Every morning take some time to give yourself a short, powerful, positive self-talk. Affirm to yourself that you are already successful, creative, intelligent, inspiring, influential, confident, loving, innovative, attractive, humble, sensible and leading. This positive pep-talk will give you the extra positive boost to get started on the right foot and will add confidence to see through anything that life throws at you and you emerge successful.

#9 Remain Flexible
The most successful people in the world have learned the art of flexibility. Of course you want to keep your eye and focus on the end goal, but so many things happen in life that it is important to stay flexible and adapt to changed circumstances and events. If you stay flexible in your daily life and make every single day different, it can be a unique way to keep you energized and excited otherwise boredom may set in if everything stays exactly the same every single day.

#10 Get the Job Done
It is in our human nature to procrastinate. However, highly successful people develop a laser like focus when it comes to getting things done. This can at times seem like they are selfish or obsessed with things, but reality is they make sacrifices that most of us aren’t willing or prepared to make. Come back to your priorities and not just for your to-do list, but for your overall goals in life. If you prioritize your goals, you can achieve that same focus to achieve massive success.

Bonus Habit: Balance Your Life
High achievers don’t just have work on their agenda at all times. They make sure to make time for themselves and their family and friends. It’s an essential way of recharging your batteries. If you are always working, you miss out on life. Don’t forget personal time. It is critical because it gives you the opportunity to reflect on your life and review the direction you are headed and gives you the chance to develop new strategies for achieving success.

Success attracts success. Put in some effort and improve your life by incorporating these daily habits from high achievers into your life. Challenge yourself on a daily basis. Surround yourself with successful, happy people who encourage you to move forward and reach extraordinary success. Never give up reaching for the stars.

Joschi & Monika

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