Dreaming is great for the soul and healthy for our emotional well-being. It is the foundation of every great opportunity and it fuels our creativity. Unfortunately, the reality is that most people have big dreams without ever attaining their heart’s desire.

It is important to remember though that every single one of us is capable of achieving our dreams and accomplishing anything we want if we create the right habits and diligently work on reaching our dream life every single day. We can all master the skills to create an intentional life, but a lot of us don’t consciously know how to accomplish our personal and professional success.

While it isn’t always easy and we are all different, usually those who achieve anything they set their mind to go through much of the same process. If you have been struggling to accomplish your heart’s desire, here are our TOP 10 tips to get you on the road to achieving your dreams.


#1 Dream It
Everything begins in the mind of someone who dared to dream. Allow yourself to dream big and don’t let anyone or anything discourage you from your dreams. Dream of all the possibilities you can think of for yourself, your friends and family and anyone else who is important to you. If you had a dream that you let go, reignite it. Life’s too precious to let go of your dreams, so be a dreamer and let your mind imagine the unimaginable.

#2 Believe in Your Dream
While dreaming is the first step in your quest to accomplishing anything, the second step is that you must believe that it is possible to achieve your dream, even though it may be something that is out of your reach right now. Believe that if you work hard, get the help of others and pull all your resources, it can be done. To accomplish anything in life, you have to believe in yourself first and foremost and then put in the work to make it happen.

#3 Visualize Your Dream
Successful high achievers can see their dreams as a reality in their mind’s eye. Make it a daily habit to imagine how your life will look like – in great detail – when you accomplish your dreams. Visualizing your new reality will energize you because you can see how your life will change for the better and how you live a happier, healthier, more satisfying and successful life because you made your dreams a reality. Feel the excitement and energy to propel you forward to take the necessary steps to achieve your goal and when you visualize your new life every single day in vivid colors, involving your emotions and feelings, you can program your subconscious mind to support your journey to accomplish anything.

#4 Plan Your Dream
Now that you dreamed your dream, believe you can make it a reality and visualize the outcome every single day, you have to make some sort of plan. Sit down and create a strategy on how you will accomplish your dream and revisit your plan on a regular basis. Think through all the eventualities and plan with great detail. Once you have an overall action plan, break down your plan into workable parts that you can work on every day and make sure you set a deadline for accomplishing every single task.


#5 Work Hard
All the dreams and plans in the world aren’t worth anything if you don’t put them to work. The most successful people are usually also the hardest workers. Don’t sit on your sofa and binge watch your favorite Netflix series, hoping for your dreams to magically come true. If you want to achieve anything, you have to work hard on your dreams every single day. Even if you take only a small step forward, those small steps will multiply in time and eventually get you where you want to go.

#6 Don’t Wait
Start right now. The longer you wait to get started on working on accomplishing your dreams, the longer you delay making your dreams a reality, the less likely it is that you will actually start at all. Don’t wait for circumstances and timing to be perfect, the perfect time to start making your dreams a reality is always today. When you know that you have a worthy dream, confidently take the first step towards achieving it right this very second.

#7 Take Risks
If you really want to achieve something, you have to be willing to risk it all, because the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward will be. Every dream has a part that involves risk and the ones who make their dreams a reality, are the ones who are willing to take the risk, jump in full force and have faith. Yes, risks can be scary, because we are leaving our comfort zone and venture off into uncharted territory, but risks open up a whole new world of opportunities, new experiences, new possibilities to learn and grow and ultimately accomplish anything you set your mind to.

#8 Stay Consistent
To accomplish anything in life, you have to stay consistent and keep at it even when you hit challenges or obstacles. Every project involves set backs that will want you to give up, but the truly successful, push through those set backs and stay on schedule with their action steps even on days when they don’t feel like it. A lot of people give up way too soon and most of the time right before they reach their tipping point towards success. Unless you decide it’s time to pursue a different dream, stay consistent with the one you are working on right now and take one step after the other.

#9 Develop Accountability
Most of us work a lot harder when we are accountable to someone else, because we don’t want to look like a failure and have to explain why we couldn’t achieve what we set out to do. Find someone who is challenging you to give your very best and then some. Share your action plan with people who will check up on you until you complete your project and surround yourself with people who will challenge you to keep going even when things get tough.

#10 Get Support
Even though you are working on accomplishing your dreams and want to make them a reality, the best ideas are always achieved by a team of people who work towards a common goal. You can support each other, motivate each other and bounce ideas off of each other to find creative solutions when you hit a road block. Don’t be afraid to share your vision, because when you share your dream and have a support network to rely on, you are much more likely to actually accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Maybe you have dreams that you have yet to achieve. We certainly do. Put a system in place that works best for you to make your dreams come true and take a step towards accomplishing anything every single day. Don’t delay, the longer you wait to make your dreams come true, the less likely it will be that you even get started and take the first step. You have all it takes to accomplish anything, you just need to go out and do it.

Joschi & Monika

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