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We offer Bold & Naked Yoga Classes and Private Sessions, Yoga Life Coaching, and Tantric Yogassage.
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• Why practice yoga naked?
There is a sense of freedom practicing yoga naked. While many equate being naked with sex, this couldn't be further from the truth in a naked yoga class. It's about being comfortable in your own skin and the amazing confidence that comes with it. It's about knowing, accepting and loving yourself at your core. Part of yoga is to honor and connect with your body. Practicing yoga naked frees you from negative feelings about your body and allows to to be more accepting and deeper connected with yourself and the world around you.

• What style of yoga do you teach?
At Bold & Naked Yoga we teach Vinyasa Yoga based on creativity and anatomical fluency. The classes follow the flow of breath while moving through sequences of interweaving asanas (postures) in a challenging, athletic approach. The classes provide an engaging physical workout and inspiration coaching for the perfect mind body connection.

• Can I join Naked Yoga class without being naked at first?
No, all participants must be naked in order to keep everyone on the same level and equal. That's what naked yoga is all about.

• Bold & Naked Yoga sounds great, but I don't want to practice yoga. Do you mind if I just watch?
In order to protect the privacy of our members and promote the spirit of community, attendees must participate. Observers are not allowed. PHOTOGRAPHY IS NOT PERMITTED AT ANY TIME.

• What if I get an erection?
It rarely happens, but when it does it's okay and nothing to be embarrassed about. It will pass quickly. Erections happen for a lot of reasons and are not limited to sexual attraction. Yoga moves a lot of energy throughout the body and sometimes erections happen. But once we start moving, there is no way an erection could be sustained, because of the physical nature of Vinyasa Yoga.

• I don't have the perfect body, will I feel out of place?
Being naked in 'public' is a fear a lot of people have and being naked and practicing yoga can be intimidating. Our society is driven by an unrealistic ideal of physical beauty, which can fuel an array of insecurity and self-doubt. Most people don't have the body of a model and yet, we hold ourselves to those standards. One of the reasons Bold & Naked Yoga is offering naked yoga class is to help you gain confidence by accepting and loving your body as it is. It can be a very healing experience.

• Are we allowed to touch each other?
Yes, sometimes teachers will incorporate partner work into their classes that involves touching and body contact between members. However, this is not to be 'sexual touching' and should any contact of sexual nature occur, it will not be tolerated and will result in the offending member being asked to leave. Anyone who has been asked to leave will not be allowed back to attend classes in the future.

• Will I be touched by the teacher?
Yes, as in any yoga class, the teacher will touch you at times to correct alignment and to help avoid possible injury if the posture is performed incorrectly. The teacher's touch will not be sexual in any way.

• I'm looking for a peep show / sex club.
Don't waste your time. The energy in the room is very clear and members who come to Bold & Naked Yoga are very focused on celebrating their bodies through yoga. We have no problem asking someone to leave if his or her behavior is inappropriate.

• What if I meet someone who I find attractive and want to date or hook up with?
Great, just do it outside of Bold & Naked Yoga. One of the goals of Bold & Naked Yoga is to meet and get to know each other, but we are no hook up place by any stretch of the imagination.

• Do I have to sign a liability waiver?
Yes. Unfortunately in this day and age, signing a liability waiver is a necessity in order to protect teachers, management and Bold & Naked Yoga to ensure the continued existence of Bold & Naked Yoga classes, workshops and events.

• I have injuries/medical conditions, is it safe for me to practice at Bold & Naked Yoga?
Generally speaking the answer is yes. You will want to tell your teacher about your issues before class so we can modify your practice. You should always consult a physician before you start any exercise program.

• Why do I need to bring a picture ID?
For one, we want to make sure you are who you say you are, otherwise the liability waiver isn't worth much. Secondly, to prove that you are at least 21 years old.

• Is my Bold & Naked Yoga membership confidential?
Absolutely. All information collected on the membership form as well as the liability waiver is confidential and will not be shared with anyone.

• Arrived late / locked out
In order to protect members privacy and comfort, we lock the door at the beginning of class. Your reservation is guaranteed only up to 5 minutes before the start of class. After that time, we may give your spot to someone on the waiting list. If you arrive late and get locked out, we may count this as a 'no-show' and apply the fee to your membership. To avoid disappointment, please plan to arrive 15 minutes early each time you attend class. Allow plenty of extra time for subway delays.

• Why is it important to be on time?
Walking into class after it has started is extremely distracting and disrespectful to other students and the teachers. Moreover, if you arrive late, you may miss the warm up which is critical to deeper postures.

• Why is it important to stay until the end of the class?
Our classes are systematically planned to leave you feeling rested and energized. Leaving in the middle of a class before completing the full sequence could make you more susceptible to injuries from not cooling down properly, and is disruptive and disrespectful to the rest of the class.

• Can yoga help insomnia?
Yes it can. Yoga helps to balances the body's melatonin levels, the chemical which regulates your body clock. Physical exertion and mental concentration of yoga helps to relax your body and reduce stress.

• Will the classes promote weight loss?
Many people find their weight finds a healthier level through our classes. For some people this means they lose weight, for others they gain weight. Remember that weight is not a good way to judge health and fitness. Especially as our classes help strengthen muscles and muscle weighs more than fat.

• Why is it important not to eat heavy meals right before class?
Some people may feel nauseous if they have eaten a meal 2 to 3 hours before coming to class. Other people can eat half an hour before practicing and feel fine. If your stomach has food in it during class, the movement and postures might cause the food to pushup against your cardiac valve at the top of the stomach. in the long term, this might damage your cardiac valve.

• Why is it important to drink lots of water before and after class?
Drinking water is the single most important thing you can do for your health. Our bodies are 80% water and most of us are dehydrated already. Every cell of our body contains and relies on water to function properly. Working out, it is important to be fully hydrated before class and re-hydrate after class.

• Can beginners attend class?
Yes, but we highly recommend you take it easy and allow yourself the freedom of being a beginner. To start your journey of yoga our Beginner Workshops or 3-Week Beginner Series are just what you are looking for. Many people new to yoga prefer to take a few private sessions to get comfortable before attending a general session.

• How many times a week should I take class?
This is a very individual choice and depends on many factors including your health, fitness, available free time and personal commitments. Basically the more regularly you practice the greater the benefits.

• What if I am not that flexible?
We encourage you to develop a flexible mind. You don't need to be physically flexible. All you need is to focus on letting go, sweating, breathing, moving, and respecting your limitations.

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