Some mornings you may wake up and feel unmotivated, aimless, unsure of yourself and can’t find your passion. It happens to all of us at some point or another that we feel like something is missing and we are looking for a deeper connection.

There are those rare people who have felt their calling their entire lives and pursue their passion from the moment they were born, but a lot of us are left wishing to find our purpose in life and find that passionate pull that keeps us moving forward.

Reality is, we all have this knowing of what our life purpose is, sometimes we just have to dig a little bit deeper to uncover the truth and take steps towards what we want and eliminate the things in our lives that we don’t want.

Here are our TOP 10 steps to help you uncover your life purpose.


#1 Create a Vision Board
Go out to an art supply store and buy yourself a giant board, glue and scissors and build your vision board the old-fashioned way. Find images online or in magazines or draw on it and let your mind go wild. Don’t have any agenda, simply look for images, photographs, pictures and drawings that inspire you and clip, cut and paste. Then take a step back and look at what you’ve created. Can you discover any patterns? Look at your vision board often and learn about your heart’s desires, which will give you a great insight into your purpose in life.

#2 Ask Thought-Provoking, Soul-Baring Questions
Digging deep and asking yourself some self-discovery questions is a great start to get you into the process of finding your life purpose. Ask yourself: If I had all the money in the world, what would I do? What is the one thing that I want to accomplish or experience before I die? How does my perfect day look like? Really describe your perfect day in every detail. What sets your soul on fire? What is it that you absolutely love to do? How would other people describe you? When you answer these questions, make sure that you turn off your mental filter and don’t judge yourself. Dive deep and write down everything that comes to mind to find patterns that will shed some light on your passion and purpose.

#3 Connect to Your Past
We all have a unique personal history with its challenges and great successes, which gives us a perspective that nobody else shares. What challenges were you able to conquer and need to share with the world to make it a better place? Also think about your childhood and consider what brought you immense joy when you where a kid. What got you so excited that you lost track of time and your parents had to drag you away from? Approach your past with an open mind and discover your life purpose.

#4 Don’t Overthink, Act More
Take a mental note from Nike and ‘Just Do It’. You can’t think your way into finding your purpose in life, you have to go out and do things, because the more you act, the clearer things become. We all overthink things at times, but rather than obsessing about something, start to take steps towards your goals and try new things. Get out of your own way and change things up. You need to break your own cycle of doing the same things over and over again, which only leads to a deeper lack of clarity on what your life purpose is. Clarity will come through exploration and actions will get you results.


#5 Drop from Your Head to Your Heart
Tuning into your heart is the best tool to finding your true passion and purpose. Ask yourself what do you truly love and begin to take steps towards that passion. When you are motivated and inspired you connect to your happy self and when you are operating from your happy self you are more naturally motivated to go out and explore. And like we’ve seen above, the more you go out and act, especially when you are doing what you enjoy, the more you will gain eye-opening insights into your life’s purpose.

#6 Get Outside Your Bubble
We all create our own personal bubble, the small world we live in, in which we are the center of the universe. The problem is, that in our bubble, we are so concerned to stay comfortable and avoid feeling uncomfortable that we get anxious when we meet new people, we are afraid to fail, so we aren’t even trying new things and we procrastinate out of fear to get uncomfortable. However, if we get outside of our bubble, we can experience amazing things, become less self-centered and start to get a wider view. What matters most is to become bigger than ourselves and once we do, we learn what our purpose in life is.

#7 Treat Life as an Adventure
Live out your curiosity. There is nothing like getting out and seeing the world, exploring new places, meeting new people, discovering new experiences… Observe and inquire and make sure to take notes and always ask yourself: What inspires me? What sets my soul on fire? What makes my heart sing? If you pay close attention you will discover bodily reactions that give you great insight into your life purpose. Does your breathing quicken? Do you feel butterflies in your stomach? Is there a shiver up your spine? Is there a spark in your eyes?

#8 Do Your Homework
Reading and researching is a fantastic way to tap into your life’s purpose. Read biographies of people who inspire you. Their life journey can give you great insights into your own path. You will realize that what others do makes your heart sing or you discover that their journey isn’t for you at all and you can find your life purpose by elimination. Getting knowledge and doing your homework is absolutely necessary to broaden your horizon and get more insights into your passions.

#9 Purpose is Elusive and Evolving
A lot of people believe that their life purpose should be easy to identify and an obvious choice, but usually your life purpose is something that is slowly emerging as you uncover it step by step following where your talents, heart and life lead you. And while there may be the occasional person who knows their purpose from early childhood, for most of us purpose is something that changes and evolves over times as we experience more and gain more knowledge and wisdom. Be patient with yourself and let your life purpose emerge rather than forcing it to appear instantaneously.

#10 Chat More
Instead of sitting at home, ruminating about what your life purpose is, get out and take advantage of all the people in your life and talk to them. Ask them about their heart’s desire, why they love doing what they do. You will hear amazing stories from inspiring people that you can learn from. And it’s not only about finding out what your purpose in life is, but also to get clear about what isn’t your life’s calling. Approach people with humility and without judgment and you’ll be surprised how willing everyone is to share their story and you may discover a passion you never knew you had.

Keep asking yourself: ‘What makes my heart sing?’ If you pay attention to what inspires you and you’ll notice that shiver up your spine, that spark in your eyes and that energy that aligns with your passion, you will discover your purpose. We believe that we are all born with several paths that will fulfill our purpose so let your creativity flow and don’t obsess about it, if the connection to your purpose doesn’t happen right away. Just remember, when you do uncover your life purpose, you will feel it in your bones.

Joschi & Monika

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