Being successful is great, but it doesn’t mean that you are thriving. You can live all the outward signs of success and earn the respect of the people around you, yet it is absolutely possible that you feel like your life isn’t everything it could be. You are surviving, even succeeding, but you are not thriving.

There is a huge difference between surviving and thriving. Thriving means to flourish, to prosper and to grow and develop, while surviving means you continue to exist. While many of us have the goal to live a thriving life, the majority is still just surviving.

If you have the feeling that there are bigger and better things you are meant to do, start with some self-exploration, let go of habits that aren’t aligned with who you are and glimpse into a bright future with endless possibilities.

Now that you realized that it is time to thrive, how can you make it a reality? Here are our TOP 10 tips to learn how to thrive.


#1 Be Present
When you are thriving, you don’t feel anxious, but you are confident that you can do what needs to be done without second-guessing yourself, you feel energized and you live in the present moment. When you are able to stay focused on what is directly in front of you rather than allowing yourself to get derailed or distracted by what’s behind you or what’s lying ahead and you don’t let other people vie for your attention, you can embody the mindset and actions of someone who thrives. Be present and live in the moment whether you are at work or in a conversation with a friend, stay connected to who you are and be yourself and you have the power to thrive right here, right now.

#2 Focus on Opportunities and Possibilities
People who thrive focus on opportunities and possibilities rather than seeing the obstacles in our path as limitations. Instead of finding reasons why things will not work out, expect that good things will happen, have a positive outlook and have faith that you can channel your energy in a productive way to overcome any challenge. Studies show that if you are thinking negatively about a situation, the neurochemistry of your brain is flooded with the stress hormone cortisol, which reduces our ability to think clearly and creatively, we become hyper sensitive and are more reactive. However, if you focus on possibilities and have an expansive view of yourself and the world, you stop worrying about what could go wrong and see opportunities and can thrive.

#3 Trust
In order to be able to thrive, we have to develop trust. We have to cultivate a belief that life will support us and trust in ourselves to know what next step in our life to take. This trust in ourselves will allow us to free ourselves from our insecurities and having to live up to other people’s expectations. Trusting ourselves allows us to have the courage to step outside our comfort zone and into the unknown and with that create experiences that will help us to learn and grow and thrive.

#4 Broaden Your Horizon
Thriving means that we are deeply committed to continuously evolve and expand, which means that we are dedicated to being lifelong learners. Be open to try new things, question your assumptions, take risks and say yes to life and all the opportunities that present themselves to you. Explore as many different facets of life as possible and be willing to take the risk of stepping outside your comfort zone and into the unknown. Don’t just wait for opportunities to magically fall into your lap. Go out there, broaden your horizon and create new opportunities that will allow you to thrive.


#5 Follow Your Intuition
Our ability to thrive depends on our ability to be inner-directed, which means that we have the courage to break free from societal and cultural expectations that want to dictate the way we should think, feel and act. Listen to your emotions, feelings and intuition and stop judging and comparing yourself to others. We all have a different path to our greatness, follow your heart and intuition and don’t be distracted by others. You will thrive when you follow your unique path and listen to your inner voice.

#6 Navigate with Humility
While it is important to have confidence in ourselves and our talents and abilities, we have to develop humility and not become inflated by our ego. Humility helps us to be present to whatever is happening in this very moment and being present allows us to listen to our deepest desires and act on them. Humility is the foundation of compassion and kindness for ourselves as well as others, which allows us to live authentically and be vulnerable. We are able to move past our self-imposed limitations and learn to accept and embrace our flaws. Thriving starts with expressing humility and learning how to love ourselves and others.

#7 Take Responsibility
We have to take action in order to thrive and we have to take responsibility for our actions and our circumstances, no matter what they are. Commit to change if you want to have a different life, be willing to take action and don’t wait for those around you to make your situation better. Take responsibility for your life and accept that you are personally accountable for the choices you make and the life you create. Decide to thrive today and bring that vision into reality by taking responsibility.

#8 Have a Vision
Having a vision is detrimental to being able to thrive. You can’t just roll with the punches, you have to creatively act and follow your vision of a rich and vibrant life. Take the time to envision how your thriving life actually looks like and make your vision clear and compelling. Be patient, be still and listen and reflect on what your life purpose is and your mission will be revealed, allowing you to thrive.

#9 Believe in Yourself
In order to thrive you have to believe in yourself and believe that you have the ability to thrive. When you truly believe in yourself and your vision you create tremendous amounts of positive energy that will make you thrive and achieve anything you set your mind to. Believe in yourself. Believe that you deserve to be happy. Believe that you deserve to thrive. Believe!

#10 Live with Gratitude
In order to truly thrive it is important to appreciate the world you have right now. Show enthusiastic and genuine gratitude for the people in your life, express gratitude towards yourself and lift yourself up and be grateful for the little things. Make it a daily practice to celebrate even the smallest of victories and say thank you for the positivity in your life. Every morning when you wake up and every night before you go to bed, be grateful for three things or people in your life. Gratitude is a strong, powerful feeling that has the ability to help you to learn how to thrive.

You thrive when you live a life of purpose, connection, celebration and vitality. Thriving isn’t tied to a particular job title, the amount of money you have in your bank account, the material possessions you have accumulated or a relationship. Don’t limit yourself to outward success but strive to become all that you were meant to be. Transform yourself into a person who thrives, stretch yourself every single day and deepen the quality of your life by seeing possibilities.

Joschi & Monika

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