We all have dreams and fantasize about making them a reality and the beauty is that no matter what your dream is, you can achieve it and live your dream life.

Dreams are the foundation of innovation and the birthplace of ambition. The most successful people are the ones that dream big and make them a reality by taking action. Dreams are important for all of us, because they motivate us to do our best and keep striving for our full potential, they give us the energy to keep going when challenges come our way and they keep us focused on what’s really important in life.

It is absolutely possible to move from where we are right now to where we want to be, but a lot of us wonder how we can make our dreams a reality. Here are our TOP 10 tips you can incorporate into your daily life immediately to make your dreams come true.


#1 Allow Yourself to Dream Big
The biggest secret to actually accomplishing your dreams is to give yourself the permission to dream. Allow yourself to dream big, because the only one holding you back from achieving your dreams is you. Imagine and fantasize about your dream life, think about the lifestyle you want to live in the future, the kind of work you want to do, the travel you want to do around the world. To be successful you have to have a dream in your mind, something that excites you, inspires you, fascinates you and is absolutely wonderful. Remember what Walt Disney said… ‘If you can dream it, you can do it’.

#2 Believe that it’s Possible
A lot of people think that dreams are a luxury and only reserved for the privileged. And while it is true that some people start out with some advantages and what takes one person two years to achieve another person can make happen with one phone call, but it doesn’t matter where we start from. If we are willing to work hard, are disciplined, make smart choices that align with our dream, stay focused and flexible, everybody can achieve their dreams. Believe that it is possible to achieve your dreams. It doesn’t require you to believe that it will happen overnight or that it will be easy, but it is absolutely necessary that you believe that it is possible and that you believe in yourself.

#3 Visualize Yourself Accomplishing Your Dreams
A great way to take the first step towards making your dreams come true is to visualize them. Visualize in great detail how you achieve your dream and what it means to live your dream life and make sure that you include your emotions and feelings to make the visualization stronger. By visualizing your dreams as a reality you program your subconscious mind that it is possible and you are already well on your way to actually living your dreams. It is absolutely crucial that you supply your mind with limitless positive energy, because this will keep you going when things get tough.

#4 Start Taking Small Steps
To make your dreams a reality you have to move forward one step at a time. Align yourself with the right people, disregard the discouragement from people who don’t believe in your vision or support your goals and take small steps towards achieving your dream every single day. Make your dream a priority, dedicate as much time, attention, energy, money and love to it as you have and give it all you have while backing your actions with passion, enthusiasm and belief.


#5 Set a Deadline
Deadlines are extremely powerful. When we set a deadline, we stop to procrastinate and start to work on getting things done. A deadline works magic because it implies some sort of punishment or penalty if we don’t achieve something in the time frame we set for ourselves, so we kick our butt into gear and keep moving forward. Give yourself a due date and then tell someone who can hold you accountable and gives you a guilt trip if you don’t put in the work, because there is no way around this. You have to push yourself and keep taking action, even if you don’t feel like it.

#6 Face Your Fears
This is probably something that you are going to have to do on a consistent basis. Whenever we decide to go after a big dream, fear tends to creep in and tries to discourage us from following our dreams and it’s a totally understandable reaction. Moving towards your dreams means you are moving away from the familiar and you are leaving your comfort zones. It is normal to experience some resistance in those instances and this resistance can show up as fear. Don’t let fear get to you and paralyze you. Whenever you feel fear coming up, face it, acknowledge it and then ask yourself. What is actually worse? The fear of stepping outside my comfort zone and into the pursuit of my dreams or letting go of my dream to eliminate fear? The answer is obvious…

#7 Stay Flexible
It is tempting to make a plan on how to achieve your dream and then to cling to it like your life depends on it. But sometimes, if we are too rigid with the plan we devised for our path, we miss out on opportunities to experience our vision in a different shade. Switching direction is never a sign of defeat or weakness but rather a sign of growth because our priorities may have changed or on the path to achieving our dream, we have gained so much insight and wisdom that our dream has changed. Stay open to the possibility that your dream might change, one dream is never better than the other, but it is important to keep dreaming and reaching for the stars.

#8 Use Other’s Success as an Inspiration
If you see someone else being successful, respect and admire that success and then figure out how you can make it happen, too. If we are on the path of making our dream a reality and want to be successful and have good things happen to us, we need to let go of judgement and criticism of others. Use the success of others as an inspiration to see that it is possible to make big dreams a reality, try to find out as much as possible how they were able to achieve them and then go out and do it.

#9 View Mistakes as a Lesson
Like with everything else in life, you will make mistakes on your way to achieving your dream life, it is part of our human experience. Don’t let mistakes bring you down, don’t panic and don’t give up. We all make mistakes, but it really is just a bump in the road that can be fixed and mistakes are incredible learning experiences that will help us to grow and gain more knowledge so we can move forward with greater insight and wisdom.

#10 Build a Support Network
Having the support of others is crucial in being successful in achieving our dreams no matter what our dream is. It is always hard to make your dream a reality on your own, but with the help and support of others, things get a lot easier. You have the support when things get tough, you can ask for help when challenges come up and you have someone to cheer you on when your motivation dwindles because you don’t see results fast enough. Let others share your vision and your dream and you will see how the support of others can greatly improve your journey towards reaching your dream.

Know that you have it in you to achieve anything you put your mind to. Don’t wait for the perfect time to start dreaming big and avoid putting limitations on yourself. Dream big and get excited about life and the possibilities the future holds and you are sure to achieve great things in life.

Joschi & Monika

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