Do you want to live an extraordinary life of love, adventure and happiness?

Usually, when we think of an extraordinary life, we think of massive financial wealth, fancy titles, an incredible career, 15 minutes of fame… But an extraordinary life is not only for the rich and famous, you don’t need to win the mega millions or be born into a wealthy family.

All you have to do is to show up for your life with a little bit of extra. Living an extraordinary life is a matter of mindset and can be achieved by anyone. The reason something is remarkable or extraordinary in your life, is because you say it is. It’s that simple. Just be conscious of all the extraordinary things that are already in your life and have the courage to make a change when things are ordinary in any area of your life.

There are many things you can do right now to transform your ordinary life into an extraordinary one. Here are our TOP 10 ways to immediately start living an extraordinary life.


#1 Invest in Your Life
Start to invest in your passions and dreams rather then wasting your time, energy and money on mediocre things. Whatever it takes, make sure that all your investments go into the direction of your extraordinary life. Align all your energy with your goals and dreams and you will attract the opportunities, people, resources and energy to make your extraordinary life a reality. If you need help or advice, ask for it, if you need a new job, go out and look for it, if you need an investor to make your ideas a thriving business go pound the pavement. Go for your extraordinary life with everything you’ve got.

#2 Dream Big
If you had no limitations, what would your ideal life look like? Focus on your dream and make it big, because you have no limitations, all you have is limiting beliefs and it’s possible to let go of those. Use your imagination and visualize your dreams, make a vision board and release the false perception of reality. Negative beliefs only lower your energy and you will be drained and tired, making it hard to manifest your goals. But if you focus on your dreams and how you can achieve them, you will thrive and are able to achieve any dream you set for yourself.

#3 Be Inspired
To make your extraordinary life a reality, you need a positive mindset and stay inspired. Find people you admire, learn everything about them, get in touch with them and if possible, meet them. Learn about the new science, new music genre, new technology, new fashion trend, new business venture, new art show that has you intrigued. Find inspiration outside of your usual interests. Read inspirational books, listen to motivational podcasts, watch empowering videos, go visit a museum, jump out of a plane, get inspiration anywhere and everywhere. Fill yourself up with positivity and inspiration to make your world bigger, expand your perspective and add new ways of looking at life. Inspirations is fuel for your passion and makes your energy stronger.

#4 Focus on Opportunities
There are plenty of opportunities that happen all around us every single day. Stop focusing on your limitations and things that aren’t possible right now and instead focus on what is possible. Think about what you can do right now – for yourself and for other people. It’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you focus on limitations, you won’t be able to change your life and achieve your dreams. But if you focus on your strengths, on what you can do to benefit your life in positive ways, what you have to offer to other people and the world and how you can support more people, you will be able to make your dreams a reality. Remember… Your energy flows, where your focus goes. So focus on the opportunities in your life and seize the day.

#5 Remove Negative Chatter from Your Mind and Life
Sadly, most of us have a lot of negative chatter spinning around in our minds about inadequacies, insecurities and fears. Replace the negative self-talk with positivity, love and reassurance. Learn to speak to yourself like you would to your best friend with compassion, kindness and love. And make sure you remove the negative people from your life as well. You don’t need any naysayers in your life who tell you that you’ll never be able to live an extraordinary life. Instead, replace them with people who will support and inspire you on your way to extraordinary.

#6 Implement a ‘No Excuses’ Policy
If you want an extraordinary life, you have to implement a ‘no excuses’ policy and stick to it. Extraordinary people are aware that there are plenty of excuses that could keep them from doing the things they need to do in order to get to the next level. But they are also aware that the short-term relief of an excuse won’t win them anything in the long run. Quit excuses, do whatever needs to be done and enjoy your extraordinary life.

#7 Contribute
Of course we all want to live an extraordinary life, but it won’t fulfill us if we don’t share it with the world. Ask yourself how you can be of service, how you can make a difference in someone else’s life. It feels amazing to help others and contribute to their extraordinary life. Help someone else to thrive and see how their extraordinary life empowers you do achieve more yourself. You can live an extraordinary life and make a difference at the same time. When you do something good for other people and are present for it, you will create more positive energy than you’ve ever imagined. But don’t just do it because we suggested it and you believe that this will help you advance in your life. Choose to do it because you love to share with others and appreciate the fact that you are in a position to help. And we are not just talking about monetary contributions or grand gestures. There are plenty of possibilities in your daily life where you can help people even in a small way.

#8 Dare to be Different
Who is the most important person in your life? That’s right.. it’s YOU! Forget what other people want you to do or what society dictates to be right. Do more of what you love and bring your passion into the game. If you love what you do it only adds to your positive energy that makes you extraordinary. Don’t try to fit in and let go of your daily routine that drains you. Your uniqueness, your weirdness, your difference, those are the things you are supposed to bring to the world. It’s the unique value that makes you special. Dare to be different and break the norm. If you are authentic and show up with everything that you are, there is no stopping you to live an extraordinary life.

#9 Edit Your Life
Just like we go through our ‘stuff’ from time to time and let go of some of the things that aren’t beneficial to our life anymore, it is absolutely necessary to re-evaluate every emotion, every feeling, every thought, every behavior, every habit and every relationship in our life to create space for new opportunities. Living an extraordinary life allows you to live as your best self, so it is a must to edit your life, let go of what no longer serves you and create the space to let in that little ‘extra’.

#10 Take the Next Step
A lot of us are passionate about something and know where they want to end up, but oftentimes we have no idea how to get there. Don’t worry, you don’t really have to know how to get to your goal right now. But you do need to start, even it it’s just a tiny little step that gets you forward, it will still move you in the right direction and then the next step will magically appear. Don’t be afraid to take that first step, because even if you fall, you at least fall forward.

Extraordinary is everywhere. The next time you feel like you are stuck in an ordinary life, try one of our simple tips and see how that tiny little bit of ‘extra’ goes a long way. Extraordinary will expand your world and inspire others along the way. Living an extraordinary life is contagious. Don’t settle for anything less than extraordinary.

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