Intuition is the ability of knowing something without proof or reasoning. Intuition is always there for us to help guide us, protect us and develop us, but as we grow into adulthood, we oftentimes lose the ability to tune into our intuition and instead push it aside and conform to what society expects us to do and we listen less and less to that little voice or gut feeling.

However, a well developed intuition can enrich all aspects of our lives in a positive way and when we spend some time developing our intuition, we can find answers to questions we’ve been agonizing over and find solutions to challenges that we encounter.

If we can become aware of and learn to listen to our intuitive voice, we will be able to reduce stress, develop emotional intelligence, boost creativity and imagination, support our analytical brain in decision making, get clear on our purpose in life, boost our self-confidence and improve relationships.

Ready to develop your intuition? Here are our TOP 10 ways to develop and strengthen our intuitive powers.


#1 Listen to Your Gut
Another way of saying that you follow your intuition is to say you listen to your gut. While intuition and instinct are slightly different, they are intimately connected. Instinct means that you have a physical response to a situation or person and when you access your gut reaction, it’s a great way to start to become aware of and tune in to your intuition. A lot of people access their intuitive power through the body and notice the physical sensations that the neurotransmitters in your gut send you.

#2 Feel it Out
This may be a little bit more challenging than tuning into the physical sensations you experience, but practicing to tune into your emotional barometer can give you great insight into your intuition. Make it a point to tune into the mood when you enter a room. We usually get an immediate feeling when entering a space and while we may not be able to name the feeling, notice the changes in your body and compare them to the response when you enter a different environment. Keep in mind, whatever you observe in your emotions, feelings and thoughts aren’t a reflection of you, but the energy of the environment you just entered. Do the same when you interact with other people, how does the other person make you feel? Are you happy or sad, excited or irritable, elated or bored? This is your intuition telling you about the other person.

#3 Meditate
It is incredibly hard to listen to your intuition when your incessant mind chatter is drowning out what your intuition is trying to tell you. Meditation is a great tool to bypass that mental noise and be able to tune into your intuition that’s been there all along, but hasn’t been strong enough to be heard. Simply sit for a few minutes and focus on your breath. Every time a thought pops up in your mind, notice it, acknowledge it and then let it go and bring the focus back to the breath. Over time the stream of thoughts might slow down slightly and creates space in between thoughts to allow your intuition to speak to you. Keep in mind, intuition has a gentle voice and you need patience and practice to hear it.

#4 Journal
Journaling is another amazing tool to help you tune into your intuition. Sit down with a plank piece of paper and ask yourself questions like ‘What is the best decision?’ or ‘What do I need to become aware of and know?’ And then simply write down what comes to your mind without any filter or judgment and try not to think about what you are writing. Let the words just pour out of you and onto the paper. Then set the journal aside for a few hours or even days before you go back and read what you wrote with a little bit of distance and you will gain great insights into your intuition.


#5 Pay Attention to Your Dreams
Our cognitive mind is so busy all the time that it can override our right, intuitive brain as well the subconscious mind, which is the well of intuition. When we sleep however, our cognitive mind rests and opens up the space for our subconscious mind to send us signals in our dreams. In our dreams, our subconscious mind reconciles desires, problems and concerns through symbolism and if we can de-code these symbolic elements, we can find the hidden answers they contain. Keep a dream journal and as soon as you wake up, write down your dreams and come back to it at the end of the day to analyze and de-code what your intuition is trying to tell you.

#6 Observe Your Energy Levels
We’ve all experienced this at some point or another. There are people that are energy vampires and suck the dear life out of us, make us feel tired and drained and drag us down. On the other hand, some people give us energy and we feel lively and energized being around them. Pay close attention to your energy levels when you interact with someone, because this is your intuition trying to tell you something. Surround yourself with people who give you energy and eliminate the people who suck you dry.

#7 Get Out into Nature
We live in a technology world with a constant inflow of information that tempt our mind to be constantly distracted. Getting out into nature is a great way to get away from our stressful technology world and open up the door to intuition. Leave your gadgets at home and take a walk in the park, if you are near water, like a lake, river or the ocean, sit and watch the water flow, quiet the mind and observe your intuitive voice become stronger and give you the information you need to find a solution to a problem or the answer to a question.

#8 Escape from Your Daily Routine
We all tend to be overly busy and have a million things to do, which makes it hard to be sensitive to the quiet voice of our intuition. Escaping from our daily routine and getting away from it all may be the answer to be able to tune into our intuition. Go on a retreat, spend a day in new surroundings, if you can, take a sabbatical. Once you clear your schedule and are away from your daily grind, you allow your intuition to become louder and give you amazing insights.

#9 Don’t Fight Your Intuition
When you receive an intuitive urge or a hunch, go with it rather than fighting it. A lot of us don’t trust our intuition and try to quite the intuitive voice in our heads with our cognitive mind or simply ignore our hunches. Assume those hunches are valid and can lead to something amazing. Start by taking small steps on your intuition and over time you will become a lot more comfortable acting on them.

#10 Get Creative
When we engage in creative activities like writing, painting, drawing or scrapbooking, we quiet our cognitive mind and allow our intuition to come to the forefront. Creativity stimulates a state of flow and when we are lost in the creative activity without feeling any worries or distractions, it is very similar to a meditative state that allows us to express our desires, emotions and feelings that we may not even be consciously aware of. Try to incorporate more music, art, writing and dance into your life and feel intuition bubble up.

Everybody has intuition, it’s a powerful, dynamic and highly valuable human faculty. Spend some time every day to reconnect to your intuitive powers because it will pay off exponentially over time and you improve your health and well-being, career success, relationships, finances and your overall happiness. If you have the ability to combine your intuition with your analytical capabilities, you can empower your life tremendously and live the life of your dreams.

Joschi & Monika

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