Do you feel powerful in life?

If you are looking to achieve anything you want, you need to tap into your full potential and develop personal power. It’s not money, social status, fame, position or expertise… While all these characteristics are helpful external resources, a truly powerful person can activate their internal talents and gifts, their own personal power. Being able to develop inner strength and tapping into your personal power is what will bring you happiness and success.

The you of the outer world is defined by what you do. You are a musician. A parent. A business executive. A student. A yogi… It’s just the tip of the iceberg. As with any iceberg, it’s the parts that you can’t see, touch or label – your core values and beliefs – that determine how you show up in the world.

Your personal power and presence come from working on your inner world, getting in touch with what’s below the surface so that you can build a solid foundation for the life that you desire. It is absolutely necessary to understand how our emotional and spiritual inner world impacts our physical well-being and appearance in the outer world. Cultivating our inner strength, our own personal power, allows us to be able to handle any situation that life throws at us with great resilience and gives us the courage to honor who we are and build a deep trust in our self.

Personal power is the innate resource that we can use as our inner guide to know what is right for any given situation and gives us the courage to take action.

No matter where you are in life right now, we believe that you can regain your power and access that forgotten energy. It is not something you get from things or other people. It is something that exists already within yourself, you just have to remember that and activate it again.

Here are our TOP 9 Ways to access your personal power.

#1 Self-Awareness
Self-awareness is the ability to know your emotions, feelings and thoughts, determine your strengths and weaknesses, have strong core beliefs, values and goals and to be able to utilize your gut instinct. Be honest with yourself and assess your inner world. Once you are familiar with all the parts of your inner world, create a plan to help you overcome your fears, which are the barriers that stand between you and your happiness and success.

#2 Self-Regulation
Learn how to control and redirect your emotions, feelings and impulses and how to adapt to changing situations and experiences. While we admit that taking control over our emotions and feelings can be challenging, it is possible by exercising self-discipline, being aware of the root cause of those emotions and feelings and working on releasing them.

#3 Responsibility
If you say that your boss makes you feel inferior or claim a friend makes you feel bad about yourself you suggest that other people have power over how you feel. Don’t let other people dictated your emotions and feelings. Take responsibility for how you feel and accept that it is up to you to manage your emotions, feelings and thoughts regardless of how other people act or speak. You cannot control other people, but you can control and are responsible for how you react.

#4 Boundaries
Recognize that you are in charge of yourself and establish healthy physical and emotional boundaries. If you give in to guilt trips and refuse to speak up for yourself you give away your power to other people. Take control over your life and don’t let other people take it away from you.

#5 Forgiveness
Forgiveness is one of the simplest and fastest ways to take back your personal power because holding on to grudges against someone who has hurt you doesn’t punish them, it punishes you. Don’t waste your time thinking about a person who has wronged you, it only takes away from your ability to enjoy the present moment. Now we don’t suggest that forgiveness means that you say that what the other person did is ok. But it means you choose to let go of the hurt and anger that only interferes with your quest for happiness and success.


#6 Trust
Rely on your experiences, your intuition and your wisdom and let go and trust in the universe. Accessing your personal power will give you the self-confidence you need to take action and ensure that your goals, aspirations and dreams will come true.

#7 Passion
Let your passions guide you. What is it that you truly care about and what is it that makes your really mad? Know what makes you feel alive and engage in those activities often and get rid of the things that make you mad. This will help you feel more connected to yourself and you’ll be able to more easily access your personal power. Another way to access the energy of personal power and feel good and strong is to do something physical that you enjoy.

#8 Social Skills
This is about your ability to relate and connect with other people to motivate them to help you achieve your goals and dreams. To improve your social skills, learn how to handle difficult situations with others from a perspective of caring and compassion. Don’t become defensive when someone criticizes you, because you may not be able to hear the helpful, constructive feedback that may have been given to you. And pay attention to how the people around you respond to your behavior, good or bad, to get clues on what brings out the positive in others and try to avoid what makes people react negatively to you.

#9 Empathy
Consider how other people may feel when you make a decision and put yourself in another person’s shoes to see the situation from their perspective. Understanding and addressing the emotions and feelings of others is essential to developing personal power. While it is important to follow your dreams and goals, you don’t want to impact others negatively on the way.

Working on your inner world is a lifelong process. It ebbs and flows with each situation you encounter in life whether that’s at work or in your personal life. If you are committed to knowing everything that lies beneath the surface, you gain immense confidence, credibility and power, which results in more happiness, better health and greater success.

Joschi & Monika

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