Do you ever wonder how you can finish everything on your to-do list, especially when you hit the wall mid-afternoon? Even if we get our full 8 hours of sleep and had time to enjoy our morning coffee, maintaining our energy levels throughout the entire day can sometimes be a struggle.

The good news is, keeping our energy levels up all day long doesn’t have to be difficult. A few simple changes can help us to stay energized and conquer our day. The first few hours in the morning are crucial to successfully conquer what lies ahead.

Keep in mind, every sunrise brings endless possibilities and new opportunities and if you can successfully manage your time and keep a positive state of mind, you’ll be able to positively influence the outcome of your day.

Here are our TOP 10 tips and tricks to conquer your day.


#1 Manage Your Time
Staying focused and being able to manage your time can make or break your entire day. If you don’t know how to properly manage your time, now is the time to practice some serious time management skills. Learn to say ‘no’, before your plate gets to full, prioritize your tasks, delegate, use your calendar and stick to the plan, put on your headphones and tune out the world and simple focus on the task at hand… Until you are able to master your time management skills, it will be hard to focus and conquer your day.

#2 Drink Lots of Water
Unfortunately most of us go through our day chronically dehydrated and only drink water when we feel thirsty, but that’s too late. Thirst is the final cue that we are dehydrated and need to drink more. Start your day with a glass of lemon water to boost your energy, jump start your metabolism and prime yourself to keep drinking all throughout the day. When we are dehydrated it’s much harder to concentrate and focus, stay productive and get things done and feel good while we are tackling all our tasks. If you want to conquer your day, hydrate your cells so they can support you in whatever lies ahead.

#3 Control Your Stress
Stress drains your energy and is a lot of work. Just think about all the worrying and negative emotions that leave you feeling exhausted and unhappy. In order to be able to conquer your day, you need to learn how to conquer your stress. Take a few moments every single day to make time for relaxation. Whether that’s starting a meditation practice, simply sitting and focusing on the breath, enjoying a glass of wine with a good book, getting a massage or listening to relaxing music, find things that release your stress and keep you worry-free and centered.

#4 Exercise
We can’t stress the importance of exercise enough. If you work out regularly, you can increase your energy levels, relieve stress, sleep better, improve your mood and increase your ability to focus and concentrate. All of these benefits add up to being able to conquer your day instead of letting the day run you. So make sure you make your daily workout a non-negotiable on your calendar and don’t let anything come in the way of sticking to your exercise regimen.


#5 Enjoy What You Do
You may not love every single second of your day, but it is important that the majority of what you do throughout the day is something that you enjoy. Whenever you have to deal with a task that you don’t particularly like, find something positive that will get you through it. There is always something positive even in the toughest of situations.

#6 Find Your Magic Sleep Number
In order to have the energy to conquer your day you need to get enough quality sleep. What’s the magic number for you? Some of us need a little bit more sleep than others, but it’s up to you to figure out what’s the right amount for you. Make sure that you don’t get less than 7 hours on a consistent basis, because you don’t want to miss out on all the benefits of sleep and the boost of energy that a good night’s rest can provide.

#7 Go Green
Green smoothies are our favorite way to get energized and at the same time you fuel your body with healthy nutrients, lots of antioxidants and fiber, which gives a big boost to your immune system and supports healthy digestion. Use kale or spinach, add a lemon and your favorite fruit – we love pineapple or mango – spice it up with ginger, turmeric or a dash of cayenne pepper and you will get a boost of energy that will help you to conquer your day.

#8 Use Food for Fuel
We’ve heard it all before, ‘You are what you eat.’ And it’s true, if you give your body proper fuel throughout the day, you will stay focused and alert and will be able to tackle anything that the day throws at you without having to go through ups and downs. Stick to healthy foods that make you feel good when you eat them and avoid greasy and processed foods that have no nutritional value and only leave you in a food coma afterwards. Fuel your body for energy if you want to be able to conquer your day.

#9 Keep Your Goals in Mind
If you want to be successful and conquer your day, get into the habit of reminding yourself daily of your ultimate goals. If you have a clear vision of what you are trying to achieve for the day, you’ll be able to stay a lot more focused and can actually accomplish what you set out to do. So be consciously aware of your goals and structure your day accordingly. You’ll be able to prioritize and know how to best allocate your time.

#10 Ask for Help
One of the best ways to conquer your day and manage your time better is to delegate, which means asking people for help. You may be able to do it all on your own, but there are only 24 hours in a day. If your plate is too full, ask for help before you break down. Remember, asking for help is never a sign of weakness, it’s actually a sign of strength.

We aren’t always 100% motivated and energized and with everything that’s going on in our busy lives with endless tasks at work, fitting in a workout, maintaining a happy social life and still getting all our errands done, you may sometimes ask yourself how it could be possible to have the energy to conquer your day. But if you are consistent with our tips and tricks to boost your energy, you’ll be able to be the master of your universe and not only conquer your day, but also your life.

Joschi & Monika

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