It’s no secret, the quality of your life, your success and even your level of happiness all depend a great deal on your character.

A lot of people think that character is something we are born with and have to live with because it cannot be changed. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Character can be changed at any age and we must take responsibility for forming it because character is the foundation of our personal success. We build our character as the result of millions of choices we make throughout our life that will eventually make up the character we have at any given moment.

You build character through the qualities that you create and then diligently nurture within yourself. It takes some hard work, because it is a volitional quality, but everybody can build a strong character and reach happiness and success.

Here are our TOP 10 things to remember to change and grow your character.


#1 Be Humble
Be humble in everything you do or say and exhibit humility in success and achievement. Keep in mind, humility doesn’t mean that you give others permission to run all over you, it’s actually quite the opposite. Being humble means that you know that we are stronger when we work together rather than working in isolation. Humility means that we give all we have and do it over and over again.

#2 Stay Calm
Staying calm takes you a very long way because there really is no point in getting all worked up and overreact. If you can create a state of calmness and serenity, you create the possibility to focus and concentrate and ultimately make the decisions that benefit you the most. People with strong character have developed a calmness that allows them to express themselves and their emotions, feelings and thoughts in a calm manner that can build the foundation of a strong character.

#3 Seek Continuous Education
We all have room for improvement and nobody is perfect. On your way to change and grow our character it is essential to continually improve ourselves whether that’s through formal or informal education. Capture the lessons that are happening all around you and make your life a laboratory. Actively look for answers and be willing to learn something new. Seeking continuous education means that you are curious about people and things, you keep asking questions and you are looking to find clarity. It means that you follow your passions, improve your skills and develop your talents using any resource possible and with that you build a strong character and feel more satisfied with life.

#4 Be Courageous
We are hardwired to feel fear during stressful situations and we all have felt fear at least once. It is a perfectly natural and normal state. However, if you can manage to overcome your fears and let courage win, you will be able to make the best of your character. Face your fears and overcome them. You can only grow stronger if you don’t panic or run away and trust in yourself that you can conquer any challenge life throws at you.


#5 Be Empathetic
Spreading kindness and being empathetic is one of the best ways to build a strong character and it’s one of the most valued and important character traits that makes us human. A lot of people think that being kind and showing empathy is a sign of weakness, but the opposite is true. Only when you are truly strong and can shine from within are you able to be kind and empathetic to others without expecting anything in return. Everybody is fighting their own battle and if we treat each other with respect and empathy, we make everyone’s life a little bit easier.

#6 Add Value
No matter what you do or who you meet, make sure that you add value to any situation you encounter and make it a point to leave the other person or the situation a little bit better than when you found it. Whether it’s in your professional life or your personal life, ask yourself how you can contribute to someone else’s bottom line and apply this question to every interaction or situation.

#7 Avoid Drama
We all have to deal with our fair share of challenges and problems, but drama has never solved any issue. Take responsibility for your life, your actions and the circumstances you are in right now and do the best you can to change your destiny. Blaming others won’t get you anywhere, own up to your life and create your own happiness from scratch.

#8 Be Confident
Being self-confident is a very empowering and attractive character trait because it means you believe in your own potential and inspire others to do the same. Build self-confidence and learn how to love and respect yourself. We all have to deal with situations or people who shatter our self-confidence and self-esteem at one point or another in our life, however, if you build a strong character and put in the time and energy to get through those instances, you will come out stronger in the end.

#9 Be Determined
Success is rarely achieved overnight and character is seldom built in one quick swoop. More often than not, creating a strong character is a long process of being determined to do so. Having the determination to change and grow your character is one of the biggest secrets to being successful in actually achieving your goal. Determination is better than luck and stronger than talent. Be determined and don’t let anything or anyone deter you from your path.

#10 Practice Persistence
Building a strong character comes with building persistency. Don’t bail out or run away when times get though, but keep on pushing and go the extra mile so you can achieve excellence. Going that extra mile is what differentiates people with a strong character from ordinary people. And while we know it is easier said than done, keep practicing persistence and never give up.

Some people are lucky enough to grow up in a family that modeled good character at all times and you simply soaked up the qualities needed to build a strong character subconsciously. But reality is that very few are really that lucky and almost everybody has to put in a little bit of work when it comes to improving their character. But the good news is that you can develop, change and grow your character if you are sincerely committed to creating the above qualities and making yourself into the person you want to be.

Joschi & Monika

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