We all have goals and dreams. We all want something more out of life. But even though we have those hopes and wishes, they don’t always come to fruition.

Whether you are looking for a new creative career, the right place to live, the ideal relationship or even the right car, we are always looking for new opportunities that allow us to advance in our lives and careers. But the big question is: How can I attract more opportunities into my life?

Maybe you’ve heard the saying: ‘You have to be in the right place at the right time’ or ‘It’s not what you know, but who you know that determines what you get in life.’ The sad truth is that a lot of people buy into these limiting ideas and aren’t even aware of it.

While preparation, hard work and persistence are the obvious and necessary foundation of having more opportunities come into your life, the most valuable point is attraction. Here are our TOP 10 ways how you can attract more opportunities into your life.


#1 Know Thyself
If you want to attract more opportunities into your life the first step is always to look internally and follow Socrates advice: ‘Know thyself’. In order to attract more opportunities you first need to know what your deepest, darkest desires are, what your values and character traits are, how your mind works, how your emotions and feelings shape your life. Before anything else, figure out what makes you happy and why you think and do the things you do. Understand what makes you tick and open your mind to your most intimate motivations. By uncovering who you are, you will be able to attract suitable opportunities your way.

#2 Shape Your Character
In order to attract more opportunities into our lives, we have to become more ‘attractive’ and an attractive, strong character is the result of consistent, systematic practice. We are what we repeatedly do, so we need to focus on creating positive habits and a positive mindset and with that our behavior and conduct will improve. If you keep repeating this positivity on a regular basis, it will for sure transform your character and with that attract more opportunities into your life, because like attracts like.

#3 Say Good-Bye to Your Comfort Zone
To attract something we’ve never had, we have to do something we’ve never done, which means we have to say good-bye to our comfort zone and broaden our horizon. Sure, our comfort zone is nice and cozy, but you have no chance to grow or attract more opportunities into your life. Step out of your comfort zone, give yourself the chance to explore new situations, meet new people, experience new things. The goals is to attract more opportunities and the way to do it is to get comfortable with the uncomfortable and step outside your comfort zone.

#4 Let Opportunity Know You’re Out There
It’s impossible to attract new opportunities into your life, if opportunity doesn’t know where to knock. Get out there and let people know that you are here. Networking is one of the best ways to open up new opportunities. Keep in mind, while connecting with people in your own field may help you advance your career, if you connect with people outside your network and field, you will attract opportunities into your life you never knew you were looking for.


#5 Surround Yourself with Success
The people in your life play a very important role in who you become and what opportunities you will attract. So make smart choices in selecting the people you surround yourself with, because they can either inspire you, motivate you and help you to move forward towards achieving your dream or they can discourage you, keep you stagnant, or even worse, pull you down. And don’t forget, it’s not just the people you surround yourself with that influence your life, it’s also the books you read, the programs you watch, the way you speak and even the way you set your goals. All of this has a huge impact on how you spend your time and how you act. To get ahead in life and attract the best opportunities, choose wisely and surround yourself with inspiring, positive people, value those relationships and nurture them.

#6 Add Value
Instead of constantly focusing on what you can attract into your life that brings you value, look for opportunities to add value to other people. When we focus on adding value to the world, we shift to long-term growth that can tremendously improve any type of relationship, whether that’s on a personal or professional level. Whenever you add value to another person without needing or wanting something in return, you can easily attract all the things you want out of life and then some.

#7 Tap Into Your Inner Guidance
Rather than looking for opportunities externally, go within to find the answers you are looking for. But keep in mind, as we mentioned earlier, pay close attention to what you feed your mind with, because this will determine the quality of your thoughts, which in turn dictates the actions you take. However, if we can learn to tap into our inner guidance, we will always find the right direction, because our inner wisdom always knows the right answer.

#8 Release Negative Energy
It is almost impossible to attract the right opportunities and things into your life when you are consumed with negativity. Keep in mind… Like attracts like and when you put out negative energy, you will pull in negative energy. Whatever you put out, you’ll attract more of into your life. It’s a delicate balance, but it is detrimental to attracting more opportunities into your life to release negative energy and replace it with positivity instead.

#9 Don’t Let Failure Hold You Back
Failure is hard to take and can at times really do a number on us. When we fail, we go through pain and frustration, our emotions, feelings and thoughts take a negative downward spiral and attracting opportunities into our lives is the furthest thing from our mind because we are so focused on all the bad things around us. Keep in mind though, failure is just a stepping stone and should never hold us back. It’s a small obstacle in our journey and if we can learn to work around it, we will ultimately be able to attract more opportunities into our lives. The only true failure is when we give up, so keep moving forward, you are capable of doing anything you set your mind to.

#10 Work Your Talents
Don’t just sit there and wait for opportunities to fall magically into your lap. Get up, go out into the world and work your talents. You have a unique set of skills, gifts and resources that nobody else has to create more opportunities that fit you perfectly. Do everything in your power to turn those sparks of opportunity that you create by working your talents into a big fire of success and happiness.

A lot of people believe that opportunities and success are something that we pursue and go after. But reality is, you have to turn it around. Opportunity and success are something you attract into your life. Opportunities are all around us, we have to become aware of them, attract them and use them to our advantage to create the success we want in life.

Joschi & Monika

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