Our modern culture favors extroverts and is in love with speed, high energy and noise. Being introverted is almost seen as something that needs to be ‘fixed’. But not everybody can – or wants to be – the life of the party.

Even though most people consider introverts to be at a disadvantage, introverts actually offer a unique set of skills that makes them invaluable to family and friends, employers and the world. While extroverts are more chatty and engage with their environment more actively, introverts are more often than not more self-aware, observant and powerful, make great friends and only speak when they have something important to say.

Introverts make up one third of our population and if you ever worry about whether or not being an introvert is an acceptable lifestyle, our resounding answer is YES. Our world needs the yin and yang of introverts and extroverts to create a balance in our society. Both offer unique advantages and in case you missed it, some of the most powerful people in the world – think Mahatma Gandhi, Eleanor Roosevelt, Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates – are introverts.

Whenever you wonder if you should change your lifestyle and become more extroverted, consider our TOP 10 advantages of being an introvert and embrace this lifestyle.


#1 Introverts Are More Independent
One of the biggest advantages of being an introvert is that they don’t rely on others to get things done. Because they would rather not deal with other people or cooperate with them and prefer to do things on their own, they have the ability to work independently and acquire the skills needed to achieve their goals. It’s not that they are arrogant or unsociable, but they are more comfortable applying their own knowledge and experience to a problem and push themselves to the max because they are self driven. And should they make a mistake, they take it as a learning experience and move on without relying on the judgment or opinion of others.

#2 Introverts Have the Power of Deep Thought
Introverts tend to be more quiet in meetings and with that they have a chance to take in everything in their surroundings and what other people are talking about. They make a mental connection, go deeper into mental processing and brain imaging studies show that this kind of mental stimulation results in much more activity in the areas of the brain that are responsible for problem solving, finding meaning and processing information. Therefore introverts are perfectly suited for academic settings and honor societies, which can boost a sense of belief and mastery in one’s own abilities. These kind of empowered feelings can ultimately lead to a healthier, happier life.

#3 Introverts Have Less Dumb Accidents
As an introvert you tend to think before you speak or act and with that you are less likely to the kind of impulsive behavior that leads to stupid accidents or saying too much and crossing the line with other people. Usually speaking inappropriately, drinking too much and acting before thinking it through happens more to people who are externally oriented, like to show off and want to be the center of attention.

#4 Introverts Create Space for Creativity
Extroverts are on a mission to gain attention, be sociable and win approval from others and with that stay within socially acceptable norms. This kind of behavior can put them at a disadvantage when it comes to creativity. Introverts on the other hand aren’t so heavily influence by social pressure, approval from others or what others are doing and with that they are much more open to novel solutions. Introverts love spending time alone, which is essential to create space for creativity and since introverts welcome solitude, they are much more prone to boredom. And research suggests that boredom is a lot of times the precursor for creativity.


#5 Introverts Have Strong Relationships
Even though introverts tend to have fewer relationships than extroverts, the friendships they do have are the ones that are much stronger and more meaningful and tend to last a lifetime. Introverts don’t enjoy a large crowd of casual friends that they can show off to the world, they value close relationships that are based on respect and intimacy and they value quality over quantity. Sure, extroverts can maintain great, lasting relationships as well, but it is a lot easier for the introvert to stick to the few people they are close to and cherish those relationships like a prized possession.

#6 Introverts Can Self-Recharge
Extroverts usually gain a lot of their energy by mixing with the crowds. Introverts on the other hand have the power to self-recharge. They don’t need to constantly be surrounded by others to feel energized, they find their energy through solitude and are aware that the way to know someone else is to get to know yourself first and foremost.

#7 Introverts Are as Authentic as it Gets
Since introverts are meticulous when it comes to the people they choose to communicate with they are rarely dishonest and generally speak truthfully and down-to-earth. This authenticity is very apparent to anyone they are communicating with and much appreciated. Additionally, they dislike small talk and rather resort to blunt directness and come to the point when speaking. What’s more, introverts have the ability to see the big picture in any given situation and have the uncanny ability to be resourceful in their actions.

#8 Introverts Have Better Work-Life Balance
When you are an introvert, you quickly realize that the daily interaction with clients, colleagues and employers can be extremely draining. This is something that introverts are very conscious of in every single interaction, which means introverts have an innate appreciation for the need of a clear work-life balance that is empowering to their personal lives. Introverts are very aware of their own limitations and make sure that they don’t overextend themselves, which ultimately improves their quality of life tremendously.

#9 Introverts Communicate on a Deeper Level
There is some truth to it that introverts may not be the best public speakers, but it’s definitely not because of lack of knowledge. It’s simply because large crowds, keynote speaking, networking events and conferences don’t suit their personality, but they are exceptionally good communicators on a deeper level in one-on-one interactions. They are great listeners, are much more thoughtful about what they say, think things through before speaking, acknowledge the fact that everybody has their own opinion and use humbleness as their secret weapon. If you want to have a deep, meaningful conversation, an introvert is your best communication partner.

#10 Introverts Make Considered Decisions
We all have to make numerous decisions every single day whether that’s in our personal or our professional lives. As an introvert you can be accused of overanalyzing your decisions to the point of paralysis, however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. As an introvert you simply consider a problem from every angle to make a well informed and though-through decision rather than jumping to a conclusion without giving it a single thought. The truth is, this capacity of giving due consideration to every decision you make can be a great asset and helps you to avoid impulsive mistakes that can be detrimental to your life.

Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, all that’s ever really important is that you enjoy your life and are happy. Introverts have a great deal of hidden potential that gives them the power to succeed and be a wise leader. Keep in mind, the world thrives on diversity and we are all world-changers in our own right. We are leaders, dancers, scientists, actors, dreamers, artists, adventurers, travelers and enlightenment seekers.

Joschi & Monika

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