We all set specific goals in our life, we are setting goals for our health and fitness, we’re setting goals for our career, we’re setting goals for our family and social life and we’re setting goals for ourselves to become the best version of ourselves and upgrade our life. The problem now is, how do we reach our heart’s desire.

It’s not always easy to reach our dreams and goals, but we have personally chosen our goals and dreams and there is a reason why we want to accomplish them, so we need to commit ourselves to them and do everything in our power to make them a reality.

To help you stay motivated to achieve your goals and dreams, we put together some tips and tricks that you can come back to any time when you feel like you are losing momentum and start to get off track in accomplishing them.

Here are our TOP 10 tips to achieving any goal.


#1 Choose Your Goals Wisely
Set a goal that is specific and challenging to produce the highest level of performance. When you set your goal, make sure that it is meaningful to you and improves your life to increase your motivation in actually achieving your goal. Think about how your life will look like when you have reached your goal and make sure that the goal you set is measurable so you can track your progress as well as the end result.

#2 Phrase Your Goals Positively
This is a very important aspect of setting goals that you can actually achieve. A lot of times we set goals that have a negative spin to them: ‘I need to lose weight.’ or ‘I need to stop getting angry quickly.’ Instead phrase your goals with a positive mindset. Forget what you want to lose and focus on what you will gain achieving your goal. Instead of thinking about giving up junk food, commit to eating healthier. Instead of working less, choose to spend more time with family and friends. Always think about what you can add to your life instead of what you need to remove.

#3 Look at Your Goals
Your goals become exponentially more powerful when you write them down on a piece of paper. For example create a vision board where you pin all your goals visually. Cut out pictures that represent your goal, whether that’s the person in a shredded body, your dream home or an island paradise for your dream vacation, you get the idea. Writing your goals down or creating a vision board helps you to stay committed and is a great tool for accountability. Make sure you place your goals or vision board in a place where you can see them often and can serve as a motivating daily reminder.

#4 Spread the Word About Your Goals
Announce your goals to the world and do it in a big way so that way you make yourself accountable to the people around you, which is one of the best ways to ensure you will reach your goal. It is important to get the support from your network and have people to cheer you on and celebrate your milestones with. When you make your goals public, you will be amazed by the amount of help and support you will receive.


#5 Break Up Your Goal
A lot of times we abandon our goals because they are just too big. There is an easy solution to this. Break up your goal in smaller milestones that are manageable and achievable and will make you stay committed a lot longer. For example it may seem too daunting and out of reach if your goal is to lose 30 pounds in half a year. But if you set a goal of losing 5 pounds a month, that is completely within your reach and on top of it it’s easily trackable, keeping you motivated to go for your ultimate goal. Create an action plan for your big goal and write out each step as detailed and specific as possible, making sure that the smaller goals are manageable and when they still seem too unrealistic, break them down even further.

#6 Commit
Remember, you are the most important person in reaching your goal. You are the one who has to put in the hard work, energy and time to make it happen. You are the one who has to put in the hours at the gym, you are the one who has to work late at the office to finish your project to get the promotion. It’s all up to you, so you need to commit yourself to your goal and every time you falter you have to re-commit yourself again. Keep in mind, there will be obstacles and challenges along the way, but if you have unwavering commitment, know why you want to achieve your goal and keep the end result in the forefront of your mind, you will reach your goals and look back to your struggles feeling proud and accomplished.

#7 Get Back Up and Stay Positive
Anything is possible and we all can reach our goals. However, on our way to achieving our heart’s desire, there will be roadblocks and challenges and at times you may feel like giving up. Don’t hesitate to get back up and use your contacts to get help. The insight from others can be hugely important and may make it possible to skip a few steps on your way to reaching your goal. Use other people’s experiences to learn and grow and get ahead. Reaching out to others and asking for help is the smart thing to do.

#8 Celebrate Your Successes
To stay motivated it is important to acknowledge your accomplishments along the way and celebrate your milestones. While reaching a subgoal is intrinsically rewarding, it is a great idea to reward yourself extrinsically as well. It doesn’t have to be anything big, go have dinner with your best friend, get a massage, go for a nature walk… It is important to enjoy these small pleasures to acknowledge your hard work and achievements. This will be a big boost for your motivation to keep going and ultimately create the life of your dreams.

#9 Visualize Your Goals
Make this your evening ritual. Every night before you go to bed, take some time and visualize every single step you need to take to achieve your goal as well as the end result and how you will feel when you reach it. This gives you the mental practice for what you are about to do and helps you to achieve your goal. Studies have shown over and over again that our brain cannot distinguish between imagination and reality, so practice your future reality in your mind as often as you can, so you will have your mind on your side to reach your goals.

#10 Believe in Yourself
All those tips and tricks will be for nothing if you don’t believe in yourself. We cannot stress the importance of this point strongly enough. You need to believe in yourself and your abilities to achieve anything you set your mind to. This is the key to everything. A strong belief in yourself is the foundation for anything. It’s not enough to put in the blood, sweat and tears trying to achieve your goal, you need to believe that you can in fact achieve it.

Achieving your goals and dreams can be extremely exciting and at the same time a bit scary. You need to stretch yourself to make them a reality and be aware that you sometimes may have to make some sacrifices in order to achieve your heart’s desire. Keep in mind, you have chosen your goals and dreams and they are worth your time, energy, dedication and commitment. Unleash your personal power and take responsibility for your decisions, actions, successes and failure and you can achieve any goal you set your mind to.

Joschi & Monika

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